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Personalized Eid Joy Onesie | معيد معاكم

Personalized Eid Joy Onesie | معيد معاكم

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Bring an extra special touch to Eid with our 'Eid Celebrations with Me' onesie, customizable with your child’s name. The onesie features the joyful phrase 'حمودي معيد معاكم', where 'حمودي' can be replaced with your little one's name, making it '___ معيد معاكم'. This personalization creates a delightful and unique garment that celebrates the joyous spirit of Eid alongside your child's presence. Made from soft and comfortable material, it's perfect for your baby’s first Eid or as a memorable gift. The onesie is designed to keep your baby cozy and comfortable while being part of the festive Eid celebrations.


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All our products are food grade certified. However, pleasure make sure to sanitize the product before use.

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